Why Use TicketPal?  When it comes to organizing a successful event, TicketPal supports you every step of the way:

Step 1: Event Setup & Planning 

  • Tickets are only created on demand, saving you money on the cost of unsold tickets
  • No physical distribution of tickets is required, as tickets are printed directly at outlets
  • No VAT stamping required
  • No more counting physical tickets
  • Start selling tickets instantly

Step 2: Event Promotion & Sales 

  • 24/7 online access to your real-time account activity reports (attendees list, ticket sales etc…)
  • Option to create time sensitive discount codes (i.e. early bird specials, promo codes etc…)
  • Social media integration enabled (Facebook, Twitter etc…)
  • Complementary or “comps” ticket distribution can be done instantly online
  • Create unique QR Codes for the direct promotion of your event page (posters, flyers etc…)
  • Manage and or export your detailed database of ticket buyers (.xls or .csv format)

Step 3: Event Day 

  • Easy and secure ticket validation scanning system at the door/gate
  • System streamlines event check-in (fewer lines)
  • Eliminates will-call completely
  • System allows you to assess the capacity of your event in real-time via your cell phone or laptop
  • System allows you to generate end-of-event reports
  • TicketPal also offers staffing support on the day of your event (general labor, ticket validation and security crew, etc.)